Keynote Speaker

Liz Khater

Liz Khater is a Children's Librarian with City of Canada Bay Libraries. Liz specialises in the development, coordination and delivery of children's programs and services with a focus on fostering an appreciation of literature in children, promoting the development of literacy skills, and meeting children's recreational and educational needs. Liz is passionate about creating open and welcoming spaces and championing services for all. Satisfaction for Liz is in putting smiles on children’s faces and in sharing the joy of books and stories. She is committed to using her positive attitude and energy to making a difference and in supporting others to do the same. She says " City of Canada Bay's involvement as a pilot in the Libraries as Community Connectors project has provided a new view into inclusive children's programs and resulted in a broadening of mindset in planning going forward.” Liz holds a Bachelor of Information Studies (Librarianship) from Charles Sturt University and was awarded the Australian Library & Information Association Student Award 2020 for academic excellence in the Bachelor of Information Studies.