Keynote Speaker

Libby Levett

Libby completed a Grad. Dip. of Library and Information Management at the South Australian Institute of Technology in 1988. Her major project included recommendations on the design and delivery of a library-based adult literacy service. This focus was born out of her prior experience as an Adult Literacy Tutor and belief that libraries have a responsibility - and opportunity - to support informal adult learning. Libby has spent most of her LIS career as a Children's and Youth Librarian. She has also worked as a Reference Librarian and library manager. It was these professional experiences that convinced her to take a sideways step into adult literacy. She had witnessed first hand in the library how low literacy impacts individuals, families and whole communities - not just in one lifetime but across multiple generations. Appointed in 2008 to one of the first LINC Tasmania Adult Literacy Coordinator roles, Libby spent a good part of the next 9 years coordinating local and statewide adult literacy programs in libraries and community settings. Since 2017 Libby has worked as part of the Central Literacy and Learning Team, and the Programs, Services and Client Experience Unit. She is the current ALIA Island Group convenor and a member of the ALIA Children's and Youth Service Group and ALIA Adult Literacy Group.