Keynote Speaker

Kylie Carlson

Kylie Carlson is Yarra Libraries Senior Coordinator of Community Engagement and Partnerships. Kylie has over 25 years experience in leadership and management roles, and is currently leading the community engagement and partnerships, outreach and programs across Yarra Libraries. Kylie was instrumental in delivering essential support to Yarras most vulnerable, underserved community members via food and material relief- along with preloved books and digital help. She formed strong partnerships during the COVID 19 pandemic by aligning Yarra libraries with essential services and taking the library out to where the community needed them the most - highlighting the role libraries can fulfill in emergency situations. Kylie has received numerous leadership awards and accolades for her work in libraries and has presented her innovative and strategic work across many national and international forums and conferences. She was awarded 2019 City of Whittlesea Citizen of the Year award for her extensive work in Access and Inclusion, recognised for implementing inclusive practices, programs and initiatives in Victorian Libraries. Kylie has convened and mentored library professionals through the Public Library Victoria Network and Special Interest Groups, is an alumnus of the Shared Leadership Program and is also a leading ambassador and current working group member for the State-wide Advocacy campaigns with State Library Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria. She is a huge advocate for the "Libraries Change Lives" campaign. Kylie is particularly passionate about inclusion and social justice, and her work in libraries is guided by truly making a difference to her community. Her mission is to “touch, move and inspire” and this is reflected strongly in her work with the communities and the teams she serves.