Dr Sascha Jenkins

Sascha Jenkins has experience working within the higher education sector both within and outside of libraries. Sascha is well recognised for her work in creating both digital and physical user experiences to support client and community engagement. At UTS, Sascha was critical to the activation of the UTS Central building at the heart of the campus. She has also led University-wide strategic projects, such as establishing a service portal (Student Learning Hub) both on campus and online. This work has been critical in delivering the services that distinguishes the university experience as distinctly digitally enabled. Sascha has qualifications in arts and business. She completed a PHD in history and worked in academia and heritage consulting, before moving into professional roles in the University sector. Her career has focused on enhancing the student experience, through positions in libraries, Faculty teaching and learning, work integrated learning, governance and curriculum review. She has a particular interest in the creation and activation of informal learning spaces and innovative service delivery.