Pride in Diversity

Pride in Diversity
This interactive workshop comprises three modules suitable for anyone who in interested in learning more about the LGBTQ community and workplace inclusion. The sessions will give participants an understanding of what an ally is and how we can be allies in the workplace and beyond. Topics covered include

- LGBTQ Awareness
*an overall understanding of why LGBTQ workplace inclusion is important to an organisation a level of comfort around terminology
*challenges often faced by LGBTQ employees
*awareness of the impact that a culture has on the lived experiences of its employees
-Empowering Allies
*The role and importance of allies
*Key actions allies can take
*Myth busting
*The importance of ally visibility
*Calling out problematic behaviours
-Deep Dive into Gender and Sexual Orientation
*The diversity of genders
*Some of the challenges trans & gender diverse people face
*Gender Affirmation
*Myth busting
*Sexual orientation – identity, attraction & behaviour

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