Take the Storytime Pledge

  1. Take the Storytime Pledge and tweet it using the hashtag #StorytimePledge
  2. Put the poster up in your library
  3. Hand out flyers at storytime
  4. Promote the campaign through your website and social media
  5. Let us know what you've done - add @alianational to your tweets; send us photos to advocacy@alia.org.au

ALIA is supporting the Chief Scientist's Storytime Pledge, launched on 14 December 2017, asking people to read a book to a child this holiday season.

We have produced a poster for Members to download and put up in libraries and further graphics are available below for website and social media posts.

ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher said, "This is a wonderful initiative by our Chief Scientist and makes the point that you can't have a successful STEM agenda without having children who can read and write. Basic literacy is the essential building block.

"We encourage libraries and library professionals across Australia to get behind this campaign; to take the pledge both personally and professionally; and to add @alianational to your pledge post so we can show the level of library support for this campaign."

Australia's 1500 public libraries run 121,000 storytimes every year, attracting more than three million participants. They also contribute to the STEM agenda and to the digital economy.

Download these latest reports from ALIA:

Download Storytime Pledge support materials:

For more information, contact Brendan Eichholzer, ALIA 02 6215 8239 brendan.eichholzer@alia.org.au or Sue McKerracher 0404 456 749.