International LIS Think Tank

Canberra, Thursday 23 March, 2017:  The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) today held a think tank on LIS international affairs at ALIA House in Canberra.

The objective of the think tank was to:

  • identify ALIA’s leadership role in terms of Australia’s strategic international relations and activities; 
  • propose an agenda for ALIA’s international engagement, contribution and participation on an ongoing basis and over the next 2-5 years; and 
  • identify priorities for action and mechanisms for implementation.

Participants included ALIA President Patricia Genat, Gill Hallam, Philip Hider, IFLA President-elect Christine Mackenzie, ALIA President-elect Vicki McDonald, ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher, Roxanne Missingham, ALIA Board Member Marian Morgan-Bindon, Jennefer Nicholson, Mike Robinson and Eve Woodberry.

Discussion included how libraries can be key institutions to help achieve the framework of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) that span economic, environmental and social development. 



Following this meeting, a briefing was held on the SDGs for Professions Australia Members.  Around 25 attendees took part to understand how their professional association might contribute to the Australian effort to meet the SDGs.



Providing the Australian Government's perspective was Sean Battten, Director Global Development Policy, Global Development Branch, Multilateral Development and Partnerships Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Read more about what ALIA is doing to support the SDGs  

Read about the vote at the ALIA AGM in May to include the SDGs and the Declaration of Human Rights as an additional Object in ALIA's constitution.



Thursday 23 March 2017 4:30pm