Indigenous Literacy Foundation - Great Book Swap

Canberra Wednesday 8 March 2017:  Every year, schools and libraries all around Australia show their commitment to addressing the literacy gap in remote Australia by hosting their own Great Book Swap

Last year, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) had more than 500 schools and 10 libraries participating in the Great Book Swap, helping raise over $160,000.

This year, the ILF is hoping to engage more than 100 libraries across Australia, to help raise more than 200,000 to buy 20,000 books for remote communities.

Register your library for Indigenous Literacy Day - Wednesday 6 September, and be part of the national event.

Other great times to hold a Great Book Swap are during NAIDOC week, National Reconciliation Week, Children's Book Week or National Literacy and Numeracy Week.

Once registered the ILF will send a Great Book Swap kit and there will be fund raising page established.


Wednesday 08 March 2017 12:15pm