ALIA Information Online 2017 Conference Day 3

Wow - it's been action-packed at conference but delegates are keeping up with all the great information being shared and the networking around sessions.

ALIA, in partnership with Charles Sturt University, has issued a report at the conference which provides the results of of six Library and Information Science (LIS) research events in Australian capitals in late 2016 that had the main purpose of connecting academics, researchers and practitioners in order to help align future research projects and activities in the Australian LIS profession.

Download the report (pdf): Relevance 2020 LIS Research in Australia 

There were 172 participants from LIS schools, academic, special, TAFE, school, public and state libraries.
The report recommends:
  • Libraries and librarians should change the perception of their roles to include research as part of their role specification. This would be a powerful catalyst for a more dynamic, evidence-based profession.
  • LIS schools and academics should be active players in fostering collaboration between academia and practice. Applied research should not be regarded as less important than research of a more theoretical nature.
  • More consideration might be given by LIS academics to some of the priority areas for their practitioner counterparts, such as information services and the promotion of these services.
  • ALIA should continue to play a role that bridges the gap between academic and practitioner needs. Consideration should be given to a central database of research ideas and experts, and to strategically providing further funding opportunities to members.

Delegates were transfixed by Mary Jane Stannus, Head Content Services, Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Her topic was 'Information Management Challenges for a braodcaster - it's not as easy as ABC'.
Don't worry if you missed any of those keynote speakers - we're recording the presentations and they'll be on our website before the end of February.
The linked data workshop was popular. Pictured are Chair Janet Fletcher, Victoria University of Wellington,  (right) and Monika Szunejko (left) from the National Library of Australia. Monika's topic was 'Adventures in linked data: the national union of catalogues of Australia, France and Britain.
A White Paper 'Use of social media by the library - current practices and future opportunities' was delivered by Kim Brooking and Nerida Fearnley-Gill of Taylor and Francis Group in an industry partner sessions workshop.
Gamification pulled a crowd.....
And there was a lot of interest in the app that solves the 'lost library card' issue from FE Technologies.
Stay tuned there's still more to come and the day isn't over yet. Paula Bray, DX Lab Leader at the State Library of NSW's keynote is still to be delivered and we can't wait to see the sartorial elegance at the conference 'Fiesta' dinner. 
Wednesday 15 February 2017 2:00pm