Australian candidate for IFLA presidency | Open letter from the ALIA President and Vice-President

30 January 2017

Australian library and information professionals can be proud of the fact that we punch well above our weight on the world stage in terms of the library and information sector. As a nation our population may be small, but we have a strong voice internationally through our engagement with IFLA.

More than 50 Australians head to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress each year, where we now hold an Australian Caucus. Many are members of Standing Committees, contributing to debate and policy, and a few have taken their place on the IFLA Governing Board, helping to shape the direction of the organisation.

Christine Mackenzie, former ALIA President and a current member of the IFLA Governing Board (together with Margaret Allen, CEO and State Librarian of WA), is standing as President-Elect of IFLA for the 2017 to 2019 term of office, and ALIA will support her.

The last Australian to be IFLA President was Alex Byrne, former CEO and State Librarian of NSW, from 2005 to 2007. A decade later, we have the opportunity to see another Australian at the head of our international body.

ALIA has provided one of the nominations needed for Christine to be eligible to stand, but she needs more nominations, and, as importantly, she needs votes. We urge all Australians to give Christine their help: to promote her campaign for the President-Elect position; to talk to colleagues overseas and win their support; to vote, where eligible, in the IFLA election.

Patricia Genat, President, ALIA                 Vicki McDonald, Vice-President, ALIA


Further information

  • You can find out more about Christine Mackenzie on her website
  • Details of the IFLA nomination process can be found on the IFLA website.
  • Closing date for nominations is 28 February, 2017. Voting will take place during March and April, with the results announced in June.
  • The successful candidate will commence their term on 19 August, 2017.



Monday 30 January 2017 10:00am