IFLA's continuing concern about house arrest of librarian in Russia

5 September 2016: IFLA has issued a new statement about its concerns regarding the continuing house arrest of Natalya Sharina by the Russian authorities. 

Natalya is the Director of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow and was accused in October 2015 of inciting hatred or animosity towards a social group by allegedly holding banned books in Library.  Natalya was subsequently arrested, and then placed under house arrest.  In April 2016, she was also accused of misuse of Library funds.  Nataly strongly denies these charges.
Despite a lengthy investigation, on August 15 2016 the public prosecutor refused to send the case to court and referred the case back for further investigation.  As a consequence, her house arrest continues and according to media reports this has been extended to 28 October 2016.  By then Natalya will have been under house arrest for over a year.
IFLA believes that the actions of the Russian authorities are completely disproportionate and unnecessary, and has issued a new statement calling on the Russian authorities to release Natalya and end the legal proceedings immediately.
Amnesty International has also raised concerns about Natalya’s case.
Monday 05 September 2016 10:30am