Margaret Cameron

Margaret Cameron, Fellowship 1987

From inCite 6 November 1987, p. 12

General Council at its meeting on 5 September endorsed recommendations for Fellowship Awards which were made by the Board of Education.

Margaret Cameron is currently the Chief Librarian at Deakin University in Victoria, a position she has held since 1977. She has had a distinguished career in Australian academic librarianship.

Following some years' service in the then Public Library of Queensland and the Australian Reference Library at the Australian Consulate-General, New York, she was appointed to the staff of the Queensland University Library in 1964-65 as Librarian of the Thatcher Memorial Library. From 1965-69 she was the Assistant Librarian in charge of Reference Services in the Flinders University Library and from 1968-77 the Reader Services Libraries at Macquarie University Library.

Ms Cameron has developed Deakin University's Library to a point where it is now a source of pride for both its academic staff and students. She has also made significant contributions to other facets of university life and in 1987 accepted a three year appointment as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Staffing and Academic Affairs).

Margaret Cameron has participated widely in a variety of professional forums. These have included membership of the National Library of Australia Advisory Committee on the Humanities, Chairman of the Victorian Regional Committee of AACOBS, Victorian representative on the AACOBS National Council. She has had a long-term involvement in assisting the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Department of Librarianship and has served as one of the judges for the Thomas Woodrow Award, presented each year to students of librarianship of outstanding potential from RMIT and/or Ballarat CAE.

Ms Cameron has been one of the key participants in the continuing debate over appropriate national strategies for interlending operations. She has also been a very active participant in the discussion of national strategies for the development of the Australian Bibliographic Network.

Margaret Cameron is a tireless advocate of libraries and has been vocal, through letters to politicians, statements to the media and informed public advocacy, on major issues in Victoria in the last 10 years. She has also been an active member of the LAA, having served on Branch Councils in Queensland and Victoria and on the Executive of the University and College Libraries Section. She was President of the Victorian Branch in 1979 and General Councillor for Victoria in 1981-82. She was President of the Geelong Regional Group in 1985-86.

Ms Cameron has published extensively, including three articles in Australian Academic and Research Libraries. Her report in association with Winter on External Students and their Libraries is accepted as the definitive statement to date of the problems and possibilities for the development of effective library services in this area.