Research Fund


ALIA is an Approved Research Institute. The Australian Tax Office states: ""An approved research institute (ARI) is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), or any university, college, institute, association or organisation that has been approved in writing by the relevant approving authority as an institution, association or organisation for undertaking scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia." Our Research Fund supports our research activities.

The ALIA Research Fund Committee comprises:

  • Janine Schmidt (Chair)
  • Diana Hodge
  • Bhuva Narayan
  • Elham Sayyad Abdi
  • Suzana Sukovic
  • Aileen Weir

Contributions to the ALIA Research Fund pay for research into a broad range of issues that can lead to enhanced professional practice across the sector, for example the impact of technological advances on client services, workplace issues and more.

The Research Fund also supports ALIA's Research Awards program through which members have the opportunity to apply to undertake projects with the potential to advance practice of the profession. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Email for more information. The ALIA Research Fund will preserve a memorial donation in honour of a departed family member, friend or colleague. The ALIA Research Fund welcomes bequests and donations to enable it to fund Library and Information Science research.

Page updated 28 May 2021.