John Ward

John Livingstone Ward

  • ALIA Fellowship 1979

Part citation in The Australian Library Journal 19 October 1979, p 332.

The distinction of Fellowship of the Library Association has been conferred on John Livingstone Ward, DipAChem, AMTC, ALA, ALAA.  The Fellowship citation reads in part:

‘John Livingstone Ward was appointed Librarian of the then Melbourne Technical College in 1956. The collection then comprised 2000 volumes. In 1979 he is responsible for a collection of 200,000 volumes, and a staff of 110, covering the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT Technical College and Emily MacPherson College.

‘In the intervening period he has been a prime mover in developing college library services in Victoria, giving leadership to College of Advanced Education and Technical and Further Education libraries throughout that state. In particular his influence can be seen in the formulation of staffing structures in Victorian libraries, in the development of computer applications in libraries, and the development of standards.

‘He has been an active member of a very large number of committees, within and outside the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, concerned with the provision and development of library and educational resources.  He has always given, and continues to give, advice freely and his influence on the provision of library services and resources in this country has been of major importance.’


Obituary of John 'Jack' Livingstone Ward: 1 October 1920 - 15 September 2013.  Mitcheson, Barrie. Published in Australian Library Journal 63.3 (Aug 2014): 247-249.