John Kaplan

John Kaplan (1911-1993)

  • ALIA Fellowship 1964 

Taken from Kosa, G.A. (Ed.). 1968. Biographical Dictionary of Australian Librarians, p. 52.

Kaplan, John. LLB FLAA.  Special collections librarian, Public Library of NSW Sydney.  Born 24 January 1911 Breslau Germany, son of Heinrich and Gertrud (Rosenhain) Kaplan, married Lorraine Dawn Boreham.  Education: Johannes Gymnasium Breslau, University of Breslau LLB 1933, LAA Diploma 1955. Positions: HM Government of Palestine Haifa rationing officer 1942-47, present 1963 -. Membership LAA Fellow (NSW Branch councillor 1966-67), Association Internationale des Bibliophiles titulaire, Comite National des Arts Plastiques ordinaire.  Special interest in visual arts and films.