Jean Whyte

Professor Jean Whyte

  • HCL Anderson Award 1976
inCite vol. 8, no. 10, 19 June 1976, p. 1
Professor Jean Whyte has held the position of Professor, Graduate School of Librarianship at Monash University since 1975.  
Professor Whyte began her career in librarianship at the State Library of South Australia. She became one of the earliest people to obtain the Qualifying Certificate of the then Australian Institute of Librarians and was awarded a Fulbright Travel Grant to attend the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago.  From 1959-1972 she worked at Sydney University Library where she was appointed to the position of Associate Librarian (Reader Services) in 1966. In 1972 she was appointed Director, Information Resources and Services at the National Library of Australia, becoming one of the first women officers of the Second Division of the Commonwealth Public Service.
In 1975 Professor Whyte became Foundation Professor and Chairman of the Graduate School of Librarianship at Monash University. The Graduate School of Librarianship introduced a new era in education for librarianship in Australia by concentrating on research and the Master's degree as a base level qualification. Under Professor Whyte’s direction it has become one of the leading schools of librarianship in Australia, with a founded reputation for scholarship and research. Professor Whyte has had a long association with the LAA. She edited the Australian Library Journal from 1959-71, during which time it developed into a professional journal of world class. She also served on the Board of Examiners and was Chairman of that body from 1962-63. Her definitive history of Australian Institute of Librarians will appear shortly.
Professor Whyte was a member of the Council of the National Library of Australia from 1981-1987 and was appointed member of the New State Library Building Committee in 1985. She has published numerous articles, papers and reviews. As a researcher and writer she has few equals. Importantly, Jean Whyte has also contributed to her profession by encouraging younger librarians. She has inspired co-workers and students to work harder for their profession and to work harder at being professionals.