Jan Gaebler

Jan Gaebler

  • ALIA President 1995

inCite 1 April 1994, p. 12:

Jan Gaebler was born and bred in the USA (American dad, Australian mother), and came to Australia 22 years ago as a ‘cub reporter’ fresh out of the University of Hawaii.  Jan spent 14 years in newspapers, radio and PR.  She entered librarianship through a mixture of serendipity and design and enjoys the profession immensely.

As a child Jan lived in Oregon, Ohio, Colorado, Louisiana, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Micronesia.  That varied experience gave her an insatiable curiosity, tenacity for issues she believes in, enjoyment of ‘the thrill of the chase’ when tracking down information and enjoyment of people.

Jan believes that we have to make the best of what we have: it is important to have a goal, a few dreams, and a strong belief that you can make a difference.

She has lived in Adelaide since 1976 and enjoys (as well as appreciates) the vibrant ALIA community that has been fostered by what seems to be a never-ending supply of proactive and extroverted library colleagues.