James Allen Crawford

Mr Sidney Crawford (1885-1968) founded Adelaide Motors Ltd and then established Commercial Motor Vehicles Pty Ltd of which he was chairman and managing director until his death. In its first year of trading, CMV paid bonuses to its workers, but no dividends to its shareholders. Staff continued to receive the greater share of the firm's profits. He dedicated his book Hauling for profit to truck drivers. He advised federal and state governments on economic matters and was a member of the Commonwealth War Workers' Housing Trust during World War II. In 1947 Sidney Crawford established the C.M.V. Foundation, a charitable trust which fostered educational and cultural activities for children by supporting kindergartens and library services. In the 1960s he and his son Jim (who succeeded him as head of the business) donated money and vehicles for South Australia's first mobile libraries.

Mr James Allen Crawford (1922-1999) continued in the role of philanthropist businessman after his father's death. He became a member of the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1972 and was Chairman from 1977 until 1987. The report of the Library Services Planning Committee, which he chaired in 1977, was supported by Premier Don Dunstan and led to a program to increase the number of public libraries in the state, especially in the Western suburbs of Adelaide and in country areas. Jim Crawford was an important friend to public libraries and the Jim Crawford Award recognises achievement in the state's public library network.