International Games Week 2017

International Games Day turns 10, and becomes a WHOLE WEEK!

ALIA is pleased to support International Games Week as a great opportunity for public, school and academic libraries to introduce fun activities and raise awareness of the social and educational benefits of play. Card games, board games, online games - every type of game is covered.

This is the 10th year of International Games Day, and in response to popular demand from around the world, it is expanding to a full week, to enable libraries to participate more easily. Sunday 29 October to Saturday 4 November, with inter-library events like the Global Gossip Game running on Friday 3 November and Saturday 4 November.

Registration is free, and Australian sponsorship is provided by Good Games, offering a wide selection of games to participating libraries. Registrations are now open at

You can download these resources to help you promote International Games Day in your library:


Find out more about International Games Week on the international website and take a look at what happened in previous years: 

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