Information Awareness Month

Information Awareness Month 2017 will be launched at the at the National Archives of Australia in Canberra on Monday, 1 May, 2017 (by invitation).

The theme for IAM 2017 is 'The Information Professional - Towards 2020' and ALIA is a partner in this campaign.

The purpose of IAM is to increase public awareness of information and its place in all aspects of daily life.
By focusing attention at a number of events during the month of May on the role that information plays in day to day activities, the value of good information practices and policies are highlighted and promoted.
IAM is a collaborative event between various bodies within the records, archives, library, knowledge, information and data management communities.

Your library can hold an event to participate in IAM. Register your event on the IAM website by completing the form at the bottom of its homepage or by emailing the details to