ALIA Retirees

The group aims to maintain the connection between retirees, to encourage engagement in the profession, to recognise retirees' achievements, to ensure their professional interests and aspirations are fostered, and to encourage members retiring from the profession to remain involved with the Association. By doing so, the group aims to assist in the long-term future of the Association.

Retired from work but don’t want to lose touch? Joining ALIA Retirees is a great way to keep in touch and at the same time continue to contribute to the library and information profession.

Staying Connected

Our theme is staying connected.

Staying connected enables us to keep in touch with colleagues and with libraries we have worked in and to renew connections with former friends. To facilitate this we host occasional social events in various locations and at ALIA conferences. There is an elist, and we have created two blogs for members to use and participate:

Facebook page

Meet your committee

A committee meets monthly, by teleconference. We would like to have representatives from all the states as members of the committee, but rarely do. If you would like to discuss joining us please contact us through the Office Bearers links below.