Federal election agenda 2016

alia members shape our federal election agenda  

Following consultation with our Members, we have confirmed the focus for lobbying in the lead up to the 2016 federal election and it is underpinned by literacy and freedom of access to information. Read our media release here.
You can download a template letter to send to the candidates in your electorate.
For more information about your electorate and candidates, follow these links:

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These are some of the questions you can ask candidates:

  • Will you fund Trove? (Be ready to show them Trove if they haven’t used it before)
  • Will you reform the Copyright Act and introduce fair use?
  • Do you support open access for government-funded research?
  • Will you endorse the goal of a qualified library professional for every school? 
  • Will your Ministers insist on well-resourced library and information services run by qualified library professionals for their departments? 
  • Will you provide funding for public library buildings as community infrastructure?




1.       A national framework for digital access to cultural collections

2.       Improved access to data and scholarly information through the development and trial of open access models for government-funded research

3.       Halt to government library closures and greater recognition of the role of library and information professionals in evidence-based decision-making

4.       Greater recognition of the important part libraries can play in literacy and learning

5.       Quality library services for tertiary students enrolled in universities, TAFEs and private RTOs

6.       Qualified library staff employed in every school library


7.       Copyright law reform and the introduction of fair use


8.       Further investment in digitisation and the Trove platform

9.       Resourcing for public libraries to assist citizens through government’s digital transformation

10.    Funding for library buildings as a vital element of Australia’s knowledge infrastructure

For more information or feedback, please contact: advocacy@alia.org.au