Executive Directors

1950s: Prior to the appointment  of the first full time Executive Secretary and later Executive Director, the Association was managed by a series of honorary Registrars, working mostly from the then Public Library of NSW. Names included Judith Hunter, Margaret Miller, F Seymour Millington and Jean M Murray.


1970-1974 Marina Garlick, Executive Secretary

1974-1976 John Vaughan, Executive Director


1977: A number of LAA members agreed to serve short periods as Acting Executive Directors, until the appointment of a new Executive Director in early 1978. These included Rob Brian, Margaret Miller and Thurles Thomas.


1978-1981 Gordon Bower, Executive Director

1981-1984 Susan Acutt, Executive Director

1984-1987 Jenny Adams, Executive Director

1987-1993 Sue Kosse, Executive Director

1994-1998 Virginia Walsh, Executive Director

1999-2005 Jennefer Nicholson, Executive Director

2006-2011 Sue Hutley, Executive Director

2011-2012 Rob Miller, Acting Executive Director

2012-present Sue McKerracher, CEO


[With thanks to Gordon Bower for constructing this list.]