HLA PD Day with Julie Glanville

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HLA will be holding our first PD Day for 2015, with 2 workshops run by Julie Glanville from the University of York, UK.


DATE: Wednesday 1st April

VENUE: The University of Melbourne, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, 761 Swanston Street, Parkville VIC 3052

PRESENTER: Julie Glanville, Associate Director, York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC), University of York, UK

Julie is a qualified librarian who has been working in the field of systematic reviews for more than 20 years. She coordinates YHEC's information and review services to customers who require literature searches and reviews of all types. Julie manages reviews ranging from rapid reviews to systematic reviews to inform submissions to reimbursement agencies such as NICE. Julie also manages indirect and mixed treatment comparisons.

Before joining YHEC, Julie was Associate Director and Information Service Manager at the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) at the University of York for fourteen years. In this role Julie managed information support for systematic reviews and technology assessments within CRD and to external customers, and managed CRD’s NHS Economic Evaluation Database.

Julie is a co-convenor of the Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group, a co-author of the Cochrane Handbook chapter on searching for evidence and has contributed to the development of systematic review guidance for several organisations including the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination and the European Food Safety Agency. Julie’s research interests are in search filter design and appraisal, and the efficient identification of research evidence for systematic reviews, economic evaluations and models and health technology assessments.


Workshop 1: Advanced Search Techniques for Systematic Reviews, HTA and Guidelines

Extensive literature searches are the foundation of high quality systematic reviews, health technology assessment (HTA), guideline development and other major projects. Conducting searches to retrieve research evidence from databases and other resources requires a range of knowledge and skills. There are constant challenges to keeping up-to-date with new database features and approaches to achieving efficient searches. Search approaches may need to be adapted depending on the end-product which the search is informing and the resources available. Search approaches increasingly need to be explained to sponsors and other end-users in terms of the extent to which they are fit-for-purpose.

This half day session will provide opportunities to learn new techniques, to discuss best approaches, to share insights and to assess variations in current best practice. The workshop will be facilitated by Julie Glanville who is experienced in literature searching to inform systematic reviews and HTAs and in conducting research into the evidence base for information retrieval.

We hope to make the session as interactive and participative as possible and it will comprise presentations and discussion. The session will focus on developing search strategies and will cover the following topics:

1.        Using text analysis tools for developing strategies to use in database interfaces;

2.        How to identify appropriate search concepts (beyond PICO);

3.        Testing search strategy performance


Workshop 2: Finding and appraising search filters -ie reading a search filter design paper and doing a critical appraisal of it

This workshop will include a presentation of key features to consider when assessing a published search filter.

After the presentation the group will discuss a range of issues , including

1.       Participants’ use of search filters

2.       The strengths and weaknesses of filters

3.       What aspects of filters would make them more useful.

HLA is pleased to be presenting this PD Day with the support of OVID Technologies, who will sponsor the lunch.


761 Swanston Street
ALIA Group PD Event
Wednesday 01 April 2015 (All day)