ALIA HLA/HLI Conference

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ALIA HLA/HLI Conference 19th September 2014

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

Theme: Collaboration

The context: The joint collaboration between Health Libraries Inc. and Health Libraries Australia is both the context and the theme for the day.

It is generally accepted that ‘collaboration is a good thing’ but what does this really look like in practice? What are the real costs and benefits to the parties involved? What is the difference between collaboration, cooperation and partnership? And what are the critical success factors?

AimThe aim of the day is to explore the practical aspects of collaboration through presentations which highlight examples of successful case studies, programs, projects or initiatives which have been evaluated or assessed in some way.

Sub-themes and contexts for collaborations:

  • Clinical schools and opportunities for faculty, university and hospital libraries to collaborate
  • Vendor relationships and innovative solutions – leveraging opportunities by working with our suppliers
  • Collaborations within our organisations – for example with IT, education and research departments
  • State-based programs and consortia
  • Community and consumer health information – how do health librarians collaborate with others to support health literacy for the general public
  • Other examples of collaboration may be proposed

PresentationsThe sessions will be structured around the sub-themes and we will aim to have 20 minute presentations with 5 minutes for questions/comments following each paper.

Abstracts:Please submit a structured abstract of up to 500 words briefly describing your case study, project, program or initiative using the table and the 6 headings below.

Note: if you haven’t yet completed all stages of the project, you may simply note that an evaluation or assessment will be conducted, and outcomes, results and lessons learned will be presented at the conference.  Any interim findings can be included.

  1. Setting  What is the context (note this could relate to the sub-themes described above)? Who are the parties involved in the collaboration?
  2. Purpose, aim or objectives          Why did you collaborate? What did you hope to achieve?
  3. Actions What did you do?
  4. Outcomes           What were the results of your initiative? What did you achieve?
  5. Evaluation or assessment             Did you achieve your objectives? What else did you find out? Were there any surprises along the way?
  6. Conclusion and lessons learned What are the key messages that you would like to pass on to others who may be in similar situations?


8.30am Registrations 

9.30am Start

5.00pm Finish


Submission of abstracts:

30th April 2014

Notification of acceptance:

31st May 2014

Final papers and/or presentations:

15th August 2014

Further information and submission of abstracts, please email both program convenors:

Ann Ritchie

(0401 110 388)

Michele Gaca

(0411 110 842)

State Library of Victoria
Swanston Street
ALIA Group PD Event
Friday 19 September 2014 8:30am to 5:00pm