ALIA Schools - "Students Need School Libraries" Seminar

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This is a morning seminar for primary and secondary school teacher librarians and others who are responsible for school library services and programs.

Why do students need school libraries? The library, with its services, programs and resources, competes against other demands in schools. The time has now come to move from discussions and theories, to now face the challenge of action. This burning question is so critical that it now has its own movement.

Where do you stand and how will you best answer the call to action? This is an opportunity to hear from the Coordinator of the Students Need School Libraries Campaign and to learn about how you can be an advocate in your workplace.

Work continues to unpack the revised policy and procedures manual with a focus on the Stocktake section. This workshop will identify the purpose of a stocktake and considerations for undertaking one.


8.30am  Registration

9.00am  KeynoteThe Campaign and Stage 2

Keynote speaker: Holly Godfree, Campaign Coordinator, Students Need School Libraries.

During this session Holly will explore and engage participants with the work undertaken so far for the Students Need School Libraries Campaign. She will outline the national plans for Stage 2 and encourage participants to identify a plan for action.

10.00am  Morning Tea

10.30am  Workshop: Call to Action

Presentation speaker: Holly Godfree, Campaign Coordinator, Students Need School Libraries

During this workshop Holly will guide participants through a process to nominate suitable and achievable actions, aimed at key stakeholders within or outside of your school community.

11.15am  Workshop: Stocktake – Count Me In!

Speaker: Sandra Ryan, Chair, ‘The Manual’ Working Party

In this session participants will learn the rationale for a Stocktake, considerations for a Stocktake and how to update or devise your policy.

12.30pm  Presentation: Great School Libraries

In this session participants will learn about the Great Schools Libraries initiative.

12.50pm  Plenary

Wrap up of seminar, completion of evaluation forms and collection of Certificate of Participation.

1.00pm  Finish



Avila College

Mount Waverly, VIC


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Thursday 12 March 2020

Avila College
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