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ALIA’s annual National Advisory Congresses are held in each state and territory in order to provide ample opportunity for members to participate in discussion on policy, planning and topical issues relevant to the Association.

This year, it is more important than ever before for ALIA Members to take part because we will be discussing what the future of the profession will be. 

ALIA has created a Future of the Profession Discussion Paper available on the ALIA Futures wiki.  Please take some time out before the National Advisory Congress to review the document. Notes will be taken and made available for each State and Territory. 

WA’s National Advisory Congress #aliaNAC

The Western Australia NAC will be chaired by Julie Rae, who is President of the ALIA Board of Directors. WA’s State Manager, Noreen Kirkman, will be recording notes from the meeting.

Kathryn Greenhill will be the guest speaker at the WA workshop. The title of her talk is: "Library futures: taking a punt on 10 things to think about." For more information about Kathryn, please see here. 

For any questions about the NAC, please contact

More about the Future of the Profession

In October 2013, there will be a Future of the Profession Summit in Sydney. The outcomes of all of the National Advisory Congresses as well as the feedback from the discussion paper will be presented. The event will provide the opportunity for library leaders to define what our public-facing position should be on the future of the profession and how this should inform ALIA’s strategies, policies and activities in 2014 and beyond. For more information about the Future of the Profession, please email

Great Southern Room, State Library of Western Australia
25 Francis Street
ALIA Advocacy Event
Friday 19 July 2013 10:00am
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