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Copyright reform in 2017

- what's happening and how it's going to fix your problems 


Important changes are currently being made to copyright law in Australia, changes that are designed to benefit librarians, archivists, educators and those with a disability.
From fixing preservation laws, to freeing millions of works into the public domain, these reforms will make a huge difference to how libraries and archives can manage and make use of their collections.
This talk will go through the changes in detail, and discuss about how they'll make a practical difference to your institution.

Date: Thurs June 22

Time: 12.15 for 12.30pm start

Location: Ferguson room: National Library

Speaker: Jess Coates


RSVP Karna O’Dea

ALIA Group Event
Thursday 22 June 2017 12:30pm to 1:30pm
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Karna O'Dea, National Archives of Australia,