Health Libraries Australia PD Day: The Value Proposition

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Theme: The Value Proposition

Date: 19 July 2013

Venue: Robson Lecture Theatre, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Frome Rd, Adelaide

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The Programme will focus on how health libraries can demonstrate value using a 3-pronged approach:

  • Research-based evidence – do we have hard data about the economic value of health libraries? What is the value of health librarians’ skills to an organisation?
  • Marketing ourselves – how is our value perceived in the eyes of our clients and employers? How do we communicate this value?
  • Advocacy – how do we use the evidence and perceptions of value to advance our cause

Keynote addresses will explore:

  • The value that health libraries and librarians provide in their organisations 
  • Andrew McDougall a Principal of SGS Economics & Planning will open the conference by describing the ways in which to place a ‘value’ on libraries. He will detail the results of a recent survey on industry libraries, which provides comparative statistics on health, law, government and corporate libraries. The returns generated by health libraries will be described, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as will comparisons of these returns with other industry libraries.
  • The advocacy thread will be picked up by Sue McKerracher, ALIA Executive Director, in her closing address about how the findings of the ALIA/SGS economic study of health libraries can be combined with our clients’ perceptions of value to market ourselves, create powerful key messages and contribute to advocacy campaigns.
  •  Cheryl Hamill (Fremantle Hospital) will show how the HLA Census research data will add to our evidence base and knowledge of the health professional workforce.

 Health librarians’ searching skills – how do they measure up?

  • Dr Ruth Sladek, Flinders University, will present recent research investigating expert searching effectiveness relating to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander health

The HLA/HCN Award for Innovation & Excellence

  • Presentation by the 2013 winner
  • Last year’s winner, Sarah Hayman, will present on how search filters are created by CareSearch, the librarians’ role in the research associated with creating expert filters, and how this can add value to searching undertaken by librarians.

ALIA’s new Health Specialisation PD Scheme will be launched – this is the first step towards being recognised as health information professionals on a par with other health professionals.

  • ALIA’s PD Assistant Director, Judy Brooker, will be available in a Q&A session to respond to queries
  • A session on ePortfolios and how to set them up to support your CPD

Sponsors to date:

Gold: Ovid Technologies
Silver: The Co-op
Bronze: Oxford University Press, Emerald Group Publishing, Elsevier Australia, JR Medical Books, McGraw Hill Education, Ebsco Information Services; 
Also sponsored by M&L Medical Books

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Inquiries about the PD Day may be directed to:


Gemma Siemensma

03 5320 4455

Programme –

Cheryl Hamill 
08 9431 2780

Sponsorship – 

Bronia Renison
07 4433 1760

Robson Lecture Theatre, Royal Adelaide Hospital
North Terrace
ALIA Group PD Event
Friday 19 July 2013 8:30am to 5:00pm
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