Ena Noel

Ena Noel

  • Ellinor Archer Award 1984 

Ellinor Archer Award for Ena Noel inCite vol. 5, no. 13, 17 Aug 1984, p. 1

The first recipient of the newly created Ellinor Archer Award is Ena Noel, President of Australian IBBY.

Ena has been a member of the LAA since 1957 and a member of the Children's Libraries Section (NSW) since 1959. She was a foundation Committee member of the School Libraries Section (NSW) and is the longest serving committee member to date. She has also served on NSW Branch Council since 1977.

For many years Ena has worked tirelessly in the promotion of children's literature and in fostering a love of books in children and those working with children.

Since her appointment as Australian President of IBBY in 1967, Ena has devoted much time and energy to the implementation of IBBY's aims, which are:

The encouragement of higher quality in books written for children and young people.

And the encouragement of international understanding through children’s books.

Today the Australian National Section is considered by the IBBY Executive in Switzerland to be one of the most flourishing national sections in the world. Within Australia Ena Noel has been assisted in her work by colleagues and friends who share her ideals,  but the credit for her outstanding achievements belongs to Ena Noel alone, whose literary and artistic abilities, savoir faire, ability to plan, organise and lead others, has made this possible.

Mrs NoeI is worthy of the high honour of being the first recipient of the new LAA Award. She is not a professional member, yet she has been a dedicated LAA Committee member for over 25 years, giving service on three of its committees. 

Link to obituary: Ena Noel AOM 1910-2003 [2004] inCite ALIA, Maurice Saxby.