Doreen Goodman

Doreen Goodman

  • ALIA Fellowship 1979

Part citation in The Australian Library Journal 19 October 1979, p 332.

The distinction of Fellowship of the Library Association has been conferred on Doreen Mary Goodman, MA, MEd, ALAA.  The Fellowship citation reads in part:

‘Doreen Mary Goodman has made a significant contribution to the development of Australian librarianship in three specific areas: education in bibliographic control and organisation of collections; education for school librarianship, and provision of school library service.

‘Miss Goodman’s significant contribution in education for school librarianship is based on her background in teaching. She developed courses in school librarianship initially in South Australia and later at the Canberra College of Advanced Education, with one of the first multi-disciplinary undergraduate programs in school librarianship.

‘She has lectured throughout Australia on the standards required in such education, and has been consulted by state and federal government authorities on the education of school librarians.

‘Of particular importance was her role in advising on the seminar on ‘Education for School Librarianship’ held in Canberra in 1972 when guidelines were set, which have been the basis for all such education programs, and for the LAA’s policy on education for  school librarianship.

‘Miss Goodman has been called upon frequently to serve on Course recognition panel of the Association’s Board of Education.  In this role, her expertise and considerable experience in teacher librarianship have been a great support to her colleagues and of great value to the Board.

‘Among Miss Goodman’s most significant contributions in the provision of school library service in Australia is her work as a member of the Commonwealth Secondary Schools Libraries Committee from 1968-73, as Chairman of the Commonwealth Primary Schools Libraries Committee 1974-75, and as Chairman of the School Libraries Committee of the Australian Schools Commission, 1976 to the present.  She is also a member of the Schools Commission Committee on the design of school library facilities.’