Cynthia Paltridge

Cynthia Paltridge FLAA

  • ALIA Fellowship 1967

Cynthia Paltridge was education in South Australia where, for a period, she attended the University of Adelaide. She entered librarianship in 1941 and became a professional member of the Library Association of Australia in 1949.

Miss Paltridge is not represented by any major publication, although the pages of the Australian Library Journal carry perceptive reviews over her name and the Proceedings of the Association's conferences record the clarity of her thought.

The Board of Examiners, however, wishes to bring forward her name in this recommendation in proper recognition of a long record of work, which it is satisfied has gone far beyond the requirements of her employment, in the development in Australia of library work with children and young people.

In an area of librarianship which has been distinguished in this country for selfless devotion, the name of Cynthia Paltridge occupies an honoured place.

The Board is satisfied in its own mind, and by reason of its investigations, that Miss Paltridge can properly be claimed to have made, in her special field, by example and encouragement alike, a distinguished contribution to the practice of librarianship in Australia. It is the unanimous and considered recommendation of the Board that she be awarded the distinction of Fellow.