Copyright news 2014

25 February 2014

Brandis fair use 'controversey' as outdated as VCRs | Australian Financial Review 

21 February 2014

Choice launches ‘Don’t cut the internet!’ Petition |

Australia not sure about creating fair use defense, will ponder new controls on ISPs | Bloomberg Law

19 February 2014

Why deny US-style Fair Use copyright laws to Australians? | Sydney Morning Herald

Copyright reform needed to drive economy: Labor | Sydney Morning Herald

18 February 2014

Fair use copyright law may boost cloud services | Australian Financial Review

17 February 2014

Lobby pushing for Australian piracy crackdown donates millions | ZDNet

Unis back ‘fair use’ copyright | The Australian  

14 February 2014

The Australian Digital Alliance held its annual forum on 14 February. Attorney-General George Brandis spoke about copyright in Australia. Here are some of the stories that came out of the Forum:

13 February 2014

ALRC releases copyright report | ALRC website 

8 January 2014

Australians to Canadians: Beware TPP economic fallout | Open Media