Cootamundra Public Library

Name of library
Cootamundra Public Library
Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra 2590
Why is your library Australia's favourite?
Cootamundra Library is the place to be! It is a great environment for all where staff work hard to provide resources, information and entertainment for everyone. In addition to the resources and wonderful, weekly programs: pre school story time; baby bounce; and internet for seniors; the staff host school holiday and after school activities. The Cootamundra Library is the hub of our community for people to network and learn. Cootamundra is my favourite library because it is an environment for the whole community regardless of individual differences, whether you are relaxing, reading a newspaper or book, browsing the internet, researching family history or completing an assignment. The Cootamundra Library is an open and welcoming environment where it gives true meaning to every aspect of community and library. Given these attributes Cootamundra Library should be Australia's favourite library, because it is a library of the people!