INCITE Workforce Diversity supplement

Call for submissions

In 2020, the ALIA Board of Directors set, as the first of its strategic priorities: ‘Supporting a resilient, diverse workforce: attracting and developing talented, committed individuals from different cultural backgrounds, who will have the strength and agility to navigate a rapidly changing workplace.’ This strategic priority followed ALIA’s Workforce diversity trend report 2019, which highlighted the need to attract and retain a more diverse workforce, specifically in increasing the number of Indigenous and Asian Australians, and creating career opportunities for people living with a disability.

To support this strategic priority and the recommendations from 2019’s report, INCITE will publish a Workforce Diversity supplement to the July/August 2021 issue of INCITE magazine. This digital supplement will include stories, articles and case studies that showcase best practices in the library and information sector in attracting, supporting and retaining a diverse workforce.

We invite contributions, particularly from human resources teams that support Australian library organisations, that share best practice and initiatives in attracting and retaining staff from the following identified backgrounds:

  • First Nations people
  • People of colour
  • People from cultural or ethnic minority backgrounds
  • People living with a disability
  • People from a minority religious background
  • LGBTQIA+ identified people
  • People who are neurodiverse.

Examples of submissions we are seeking could include descriptions of:

  • Targeted recruitment practices, such as visiting identified communities, or advertising through peak advocacy bodies
  • Trainee and graduate programs that support affirmative measures
  • Guidelines for inclusive language used when advertising staff vacancies
  • Training programs for all library staff in cultural safety and inclusive practices
  • Availability of assistive technology, cultural safety measures and flexible work arrangements for library staff, as identified above
  • Documenting the experiences of library staff, as identified above
  • Activities of dedicated equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) teams that support library staff.

Articles should be around 500 words in length. Longer articles will be considered with prior consultation with the INCITE editor. Images should be in a JPEG format, minimum 300dpi, with an accompanying caption in the article copy.

All submissions should be sent to the INCITE team at

Workforce diversity survey

We have also prepared a brief survey, consisting of seven questions, which should take less than five minutes to complete. The survey is here:

We’d appreciate it if a representative from your library organisation's recruitment / HR team could complete this survey – the results will be published in the Workplace Diversity supplement in July.

Please direct any questions about the survey or the digital supplement to

Due date for submissions and survey responses: Monday 31 May 2021