Boyd Rayward

W B Rayward

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inCite vol.  20, Oct 1999, p.31

Boyd Rayward retires.

Emeritus Professor Warden Boyd Rayward, BA (Syd), MS (Illinois), PhD (Chicago), DipLib (UNSW), AALIA, member of the Association since 1961 and Associate since 1971, has retired from the University of New South Wales. He was professor of librarianship there from 1986, head of the School of Information, Library and Archive Studies from 1986 until 1992, and dean of the  Faculty of Professional Studies from 1993 until 1997.

Boyd's career began at the Public (now State) Library of New South Wales in 1961. From 1964 until 1986 his time was divided between Australia, a brief period in Canada, and the United States of America. He returned to Australia to the University of New South Wales until the end of July this year.

In a peripatetic life as librarian, student, educator and committee member there has been sustained research activity, some entailing periods in Europe for work with sources.

The role of educator included, in addition to contributions in Australia, being Dean of the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago. His membership of committees included responsibilities connected with World Book Encyclopedia, Charles Sturt University, the Australian Libraries Summit and AACOBS.

Research has been, and is, accompanied by a wide range of publications. There is an extensive bibliography of articles in scholarly periodicals. His books include The university of information: the work of Paul Otlet; and he has edited three others: International organisation and dissemination of knowledge: selected essays of Paul Otlet; The variety of librarianship: essays in honour of John Wallace Metcalfe; and The development oi a profession of librarian­ship in Australia: the travel diaries and other papers of John Wallace Metcalfe (jointly published by ALIA and Scarecrow press).

To Boyd Rayward, appreciation of the achievements and good wishes for the future.

Wilma Radford