Board of Directors Profiles - Jonathon Guppy


jonathon Guppy

Director 2017-2019


M Information Leadership (current), Grad Dip Library and Information Management, B Science (Computer Science), AALIA (CP) Government.

Current position:

Senior Librarian, Collection Services, UNSW Canberra, Academy Library

Previous positions:

  • Digital Initiatives Librarian, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, 2016-2017

  • Executive Information Officer, Office of the Parliamentary Librarian, Canberra, 2015

  • Senior Collection Management Specialist, Australian Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 2014

  • Manager, Digitisation, Australian Parliamentary Library, 2013

  • Indexer, Australian Parliamentary Library, 2012

  • Multimedia Officer, Flinders University, 2004-2011. 

Professional activities:

  • Aurora Institute for Emerging Leaders in the Library and Information Management Profession, 2015
  • ALIA PD Scheme

  • AGLIN Futures Task Force - Executive Committee

  • Reserve Bank LGBTI and Allies Employee Resource Group - Executive Committee.   

 Statement of professional concerns:

The information environment continues to evolve and become more complex. Having accomplished huge changes in the last 10 years, Jonathon believe the profession needs to get "back to basics" with a simple message that applies to ALL Library and Information Professionals in ALL settings:

Library Professionals KNOW how to help you find what you need.

The value in libraries is becoming less about the collections and more about the expertise to listen, understand and link people to solutions. In all library settings, people should think LIBRARY automatically as the FIRST place to seek help finding ANY answer - simple or complex.