Anne Girolami

Anne Girolami FALIA (CP)

  • Fellowship 2020

Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies (Teaching), Masters of Business (Information Technology)

Anne Girolami has been an engaged and active member of ALIA for more than 20 years. She has held senior roles in school libraries in Victoria since the 1990s and has been a strong advocate for the library profession throughout her career.

As Library Adviser for the Catholic Education Office from 1996 to 2000, she was instrumental in developing and maintaining professional development networks for Teacher Librarians and other library staff across Victoria. From 2000 onwards, she has headed school library teams at Marcellin College, Siena College and Mercy College. In these roles, she has been an exemplary practitioner and a fine example of teacher librarianship at its best.

Anne has made a distinguished and sustained contribution to the sector both through her employment and as a volunteer with ALIA. She has been Chair and Convenor of ALIA Schools (since 2009) and the ALIA School Library Advisory Committee (since 2014), which advises the ALIA Board on matters of strategy. Anne was a member of the ALIA committee which saw the introduction of Library and Information Week. She has also been ALIA’s representative on the School Library Coalition, formed in 2015. Anne has been a member of the ALIA Australian Library Design Awards Committee since the awards’ inception in 2017, providing expert guidance about school library design and is currently a member of the ALIA Education Advisory Committee.

Anne represented ALIA during the House of Representatives Inquiry into School libraries and Teacher Librarians in 21st century Australia. Under her leadership, ALIA Schools secured a grant from the Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leaders (AITSL) to provide support material for the AITSL Standards: Illustrations of Practice. Anne also played a leading role in the development of AITSL Standards for Teacher Librarian practice, a joint venture between ALIA Schools and Victorian Catholic Teacher Librarians, and the subsequent School library resource centre guidelines for reflection and evaluation and second edition of the Manual for Developing Policies and Procedures in Australian School Library Resource Centres.

Anne chaired the working party for the development of the ALIA PD Scheme school library specialisation skills audit checklist and led work on joint policy statements from ALIA and the Australian School Library Association. She was also instrumental in the success of the FAIR Great School Libraries Campaign. She is currently working with the ALIA School Library Advisory Committee on Guidelines for the allotment of teaching and librarianship for Teacher Librarians and, with the School Library Coalition, on recommended staffing levels for school libraries.

Her advocacy and support work has taken many forms, including representing ALIA at major industry events, speaking at conferences, giving talks to smaller groups, contributing to statements and reports on the importance of school libraries, overseeing the development and maintenance of a program of professional development seminars and acting as a mentor in the ALIA mentoring scheme. She has kept the sector well informed through her oversight of regular ALIA Schools newsletters.

Anne has made a distinguished and sustained contribution to the sector both through her employment and as a volunteer with ALIA. Her colleagues say, ‘In her commitment to the profession of teacher librarianship, Anne has set the highest benchmark. Through her work on committees and in the delivery of professional development, Anne has demonstrated personal and professional integrity, project management skills, initiative, collegiality, leadership and great strength of purpose.’

The ALIA Board was pleased to confer a fellowship for this outstanding contribution to the Association and the profession.