ALIA Research Advisory Committee

Terms of reference

The ALIA Research Advisory Committee was formed in September 2013 as a successor to the Research Committee. Its terms of reference are to advise the ALIA Board of Directors on all aspects of LIS research theory, policy and practice; matters of interest and concern to ALIA Members relating to research, and the awarding of research grants. It plays an active role in the creation of the ALIA Research Agenda; the further development of research activities for the Association, including conference workshops; producing the research-related information, resources and support that should be available to ALIA Members, and raising awareness of, and contributions to, the ALIA Research Fund.


Bhuva Narayan, co-chair —

Elham Abdi, co-chair —

Members: Deidre Bryson, Mozhdeh Dehghani, Marisa Dellaca, Tina Du, Katherine Howard, Hamid Jamali, Nicole Johnston, Edward Luca, Yazdan Mansourian, Janine Schmidt, Anja Tait, Kirsten Thorpe, Janice van de Velde, Huan Vo-Tran, Liz Walkley Hall


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