Employer roles and responsibilities in education and professional development

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The phrase 'library and information professional' refers to those members of the profession who have successfully completed an entry-level qualification in library and information science at either Associate or Library Technician level.


To describe and promote employer roles and responsibilities in the education and professional development of library and information professionals.

ALIA Constitution Objects addressed:

  • To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies.
  • To ensure the high standard of personnel engaged in information provision and foster their professional interests and aspirations.


Library and information employers have a key responsibility to support and assist education providers in producing graduates capable of providing quality information services. They also have a responsibility to provide opportunities for learning that support library and information professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills throughout their career in order to meet the changing needs of their clients, employers and society.


The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) believes that employers are critical partners whose active involvement contributes positively at both the initial education stage and to the continuing professional development of library and information professionals. This is achieved by:

  • co-operating with education providers to enable students to access a broad range of library and information resources and professional experiences that introduce them to professional practice, including industry placements;
  • providing relevant and appropriate support to educational institutions, for example, through consultation with course providers, staff exchanges between industry and educators, involvement in joint research projects, or teaching and learning activities;
  • facilitating opportunities for library and information students, graduates, early, and mid-career professionals to gain a variety of industry experiences to support a sustainable workforce;
  • providing representatives to be active participants in LIS course accreditation panels and course advisory committees;
  • collaborating with ALIA and educational institutions on education and workforce planning to inform the profession about industry priorities for the required skills and knowledge;
  • supporting appropriate and comprehensive continuing professional development opportunities through which library and information professionals can enhance their professional knowledge and skills, including attendance at relevant conferences and symposiums; and
  • encouraging and enabling professional staff to participate in the ALIA PD Scheme; acknowledging the achievements of those who do and incentivising others, for example by promoting ALIA PD Scheme membership as a desirable quality during the recruitment process.

It is recognised that these professional learning activities have a resource implication. The Association believes that this investment is essential in order to continually improve the quality of the profession and its capacity to support employer organisations.

Reviewed 2006, 2019.