ALIA and international relations

ALIA objects addressed

To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies.


The Australian library and information profession is committed to making a vigorous international professional contribution to the global information environment.


The Australian Library and Information Association recognises the global information environment in which its members now operate and the importance of the Australian profession making a vigorous international professional contribution. It believes that:

  1. The Association should promote and pursue collaboration with library and information organisations throughout the world to ensure equity of access to information worldwide and to highlight the key role of library and information services and practitioners;
  2. The Australian profession has a particular interest in the Asia and Pacific region, and also benefits from active involvement in regional professional activities and developments. We have much to contribute, and much to learn, through strong involvement with our regional colleagues in appropriate programs and activities. In recognising this, the Australian profession must give strong encouragement to library growth in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region;
  3. The Association recognises the importance of using its advocacy role to influence government and other bodies on matters of international concern to the library and information services sector;
  4. The Association works to influence the foreign and trade policies of the Australian Government, its aid agencies and key national consultative bodies, including the Australian National Commission for UNESCO, to ensure they take account of the library development needs of developing countries in the region, and create opportunities for participation in appropriate programs by Australian professionals.

Reviewed 2009