ALIA Member code of conduct statement

A pdf version of this policy can be found here

ALIA Constitution Objects addressed:

  • To promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interest of all Australians and a thriving culture, economy, environment and democracy;
  • To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies;
  • To ensure the high standard of personnel engaged in information provision and foster their professional interests and aspirations;
  • To represent the interests of members to governments, other organisations and the community
  • To encourage people to contribute to the improvement of library and information services through support and membership of the Association; and
  • To endorse the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 19 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in response to the many challenges faced by the world today and into the future.  


The Australian Library and Information Association requires Members, both personal and institutional, to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice and professional competence. All Members are duty-bound to act responsibly and to be accountable for their actions. Members are bound by the ALIA Constitution.


The aim of this code is to establish a common understanding of the responsibilities of ALIA Members. It presents a broad framework that encourages members to uphold the core values and objectives of the Association and adhere to the ALIA professional conduct policy.

  1. All Members of ALIA are required to support the Objects of the Association (above)
  1. All Members of ALIA are required to support the Association's core values
  • Promotion of the free flow of information and ideas through open access to recorded knowledge, information, and creative works
  • Delivery of authentic information and evidence-based practice supported by quality research
  • Connection of people to ideas, knowledge creation and learning
  • Dedication to fostering reading, information and digital literacies
  • Respect for the diversity, individuality and equality of all and recognition of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Adherence to information privacy principles
  • Management, organisation and preservation of the human record
  • Excellence, accountability, integrity and responsibility in service to our communities
  • Commitment to maintaining currency of professional knowledge and practice
  • Partnerships and collaborations to advance these values.
  1. Members are encouraged to promote library and information professions, institutions and the sector by:
  • Articulating the contribution that library and information services make to their users and to society in general
  • Using opportunities to talk to people outside the sector about the value of library and information services
  • Encouraging non-users of libraries to become users. 

Should a Member fail to abide by the Code of Conduct, the ALIA Board may review the alleged behaviour and make a determination regarding membership of the Association.  These powers are governed by Clause 7.6 of the Constitution and ALIA By-Law 1 Part 8.


Adopted 2014. Amended 2018 and 2020.