International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

IFLA is the international body for library associations and ALIA is an active member.

The Association is represented by the ALIA President and/or a senior officer, at the annual World Library and Information Congress.

Australian Caucus

In 2016 at the IFLA Congress in Columbus OHIO USA the first official Australian Caucus took place on Saturday 13 August 2016. We are looking forward to our second Australian Caucus meeting in Wroclaw, POLAND on Saturday 19th August 2017.

Australian and Friends IFLA 2017 Dinner 

All welcome to the Australian and Friends IFLA Dinner Saturday  19th August 2017 Wroclaw POLAND

For more information, reservations and payment. 


IFLA Committees

 ALIA places on IFLA committees and sections:

  • Asia and Oceania (2013-2017) Jayshree Mamtora, ALIA NT Manager

  • Asia and Oceania (2017-2021) Vicki McDonald, ALIA President

  • Committee on Standards, Chair (2015-2017) Jan Richards, former ALIA President

  • Continuing PD & Workplace Learning (2015-2019) Gillian Hallam, former ALIA President

  • Copyright and other Legal Matters, Chair (2015-2017) Evelyn Woodberry, ALIA Fellow 

  • Governing Board of IFLA (2015-2017) Margaret Allen, former ALIA President 

  • Governing Board of IFLA (2015-2017) Christine Mackenzie, former ALIA President

  • Governing Board of IFLA, President-elect (2017-2019) Christine Mackenzie, former ALIA President

  • Governing Board of IFLA, Chair Division I (2017-2019) Vicki McDonald, ALIA President

  • Information Technology (2017-2021) Edmund Balnaves, former ALIA Director
  • Library Theory and Research (2015-2019) Gaby Haddow

  • Management and Marketing (2015-2019) Damian Lodge, former ALIA President

  • Management of Library Associations (2015-2019) Judy Brooker, ALIA Director of Learning

  • Public Libraries, (2015-2019) Jan Richards, former ALIA President

  • School Libraries (2015-2019) Judy O’Connell 

Representatives on these committees are self-funded.


IFLA Sections

ALIA is a member of the following sections:

  • Public Libraries (section 8)

  • School Libraries (section 11)

  • Information Technology (section 21)

  • Education and Training (section 23)

  • Library Theory and Research (section 24)

  • Asia and Oceania (section 26)

  • Management and Marketing (section 34)

  • Management of Library Associations (section 40)

  • Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (section 43)

  • Indigenous Matters (section 50)


Other ALIA Members hold formal positions with IFLA committees as a result of their personal or institutional membership of the international association. These include:

  • Academic and Research Libraries, Chair (2013-2017) Vicki McDonald, ALIA President

  • Academic and Research Libraries (2013-2017) Gulcin Cribb

  • Academic and Research Libraries (2013-2017) Janet Fletcher

  • Academic and Research Libraries (2017-2021) Jayshree Mamtora, ALIA NT Manager

  • Asia & Oceania (2015-2017) Heather Todd

  • Asia & Oceania (2015-2017) Paul Nielsen

  • Copyright and other Legal Matters, eLending sub-committee, Chair, Margaret Allen, former ALIA President

  • Health and Bio Sciences Libraries (2015-2019) Heather Todd

  • Information Literacy (2015-2017) Barbara Combes

  • Law Libraries (2013-2017) Carol Hinchcliff

  • LGBTQQ Users Special Interest Group, Convenor, Anne Reddacliff, ALIA Director

  • Library and Research Services for Parliaments (2015-2019) Dianne Heriot

  • Library Buildings and Equipment (2015-2019) Janine Schmidt, ALIA Fellow

  • Library Buildings and Equipment (2017-2021) Marian Morgan-Bindon, ALIA Director

  • Library History Special Interest Group, Convenor (2015-2017) Kerry Smith, former ALIA President

  • Literacy and Reading (2013-2017) Barbara Combes

  • Public Libraries, Chair (2013-2017) Marian Morgan-Bindon, ALIA Director

  • Public Libraries (2017-2021) Margaret Allen, former ALIA President

  • Statistics and Evaluation (2015-2019) Harlinah Teoh


Find out more about IFLA on the website

Contact the ALIA Membership team to find out ALIA's IFLA number.