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ALIA Schools promotes the interests of school libraries and teacher librarians, provides opportunities for professional development, lobbies for school libraries with state and local groups, liaises with other groups, identifies and analyses current trends in teacher librarianship, and maintains the profile of teacher librarianship within ALIA. It is both an ALIA Group and an ALIA Board Advisory Committee.

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Webinar: Embracing Student Wellbeing
Presenters: Madison Dearnaley and Natasha Lee

Date/Time: Sat 18 March 2023  |  10:30am - 11:30am AEDT
Location: Zoom

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Guidelines for the Time Allocation of Teaching and Librarianship for Teacher Librarians

Each of the three education sectors: Government, Catholic and Independent, in each state and territory has its own set of Awards and or Agreements which determine the working conditions for teachers and support staff. For many years teacher librarians have discussed or contemplated how much of their full time equivalent allocation, within the library, can be given to undertake teaching and library tasks.

The ALIA School Library Advisory Committee has created a new resource titled: Guidelines for the Time Allocation of Teaching and Librarianship for Teacher Librarians which can assist principals, school administrators and teacher librarians in the appropriate allocation of that time.

Joint Statement on school libraries

In September 2021, ALIA co-signed a statement which calls on the Australian Government to ensure equitable access to appropriately funded and well-resourced school libraries. ALIA signed this statement alongside the Australian School Library Association (ASLA) and the Australian Education Union (AEU).

Recommended Minimum Information Services Staffing Levels

It is expected that school libraries provide quality services, effective resourcing and relevant skill development for all learners in their community. To achieve these goals, it is essential that school libraries are well staffed. An exemplary school library is underpinned by professionally qualified library staff using their knowledge, core skills and expertise to support the learning and teaching as well as provide for recreational reading.

Recently updated, we present the Recommended minimum information services staffing levels Table 6 Revised, which provides a guide for schools when making decisions about staffing their libraries. This table replaces the original from Learning for the future: developing information services in schools 2nd ed.

A Manual for Developing Policies and Procedures
Welcome to the revised edition of A Manual for developing policies and procedures for Australian school library resource centres. Its aim is to develop the policies and document the procedures that are essential for exemplary management practices. The implementation of these policies and procedures will ensure that there is equitable access to resources for all users. A school library resource centre that is well managed is in the best possible position to offer the range of library programmes and services that are essential to the endeavours of the school community.
The Manual contains nine sections, a glossary, references and appendices. Each section comprises two parts, that for the policy and the second for its procedures. There are two versions of the Manual, one that includes images and one that is text only. To accompany the pdf versions is a template document, in Word, that can be used to update or prepare your own school library copy.
About School Libraries

Wondering how to promote the role of the school library, to your principal, parents, staff and wider community? Here are some ideas for you. Identified are ten (10) excellent ways that school libraries can make a difference

Download the A3 poster and A4 handout that describe how school libraries power high performance schools. Follow the link here.

Promoting your school library

This short promotional film, developed by ALIA Schools, is for principals, school communities, teacher librarians, library staff and teachers. The film gives an overview of the exciting role that school libraries and teacher librarians can play by contributing to student success in learning in both primary and secondary school settings. It is evident that student enthusiasm and interest guarantees an ongoing role for the school library.You can find up to date information here.



Five key stakeholders have been targeted as the audience for this film. To assist in promotion of the role of the school library and the teacher librarian the following resources can be of use:


Milestones in the 50 years of ALIA Schools

Here is a timeline that covers the milestones in the history of school libraries which became a separate section of the Library Association of Australia, now ALIA, in 1967. It also highlights significant events in the education and/or government sectors. Data from many of the reports commissioned by ALIA was used for lobbying federal government bodies which resulted in funding for school library buildings and resources. This funding, together with an emphasis on positive learning outcomes for students, has ensured that school libraries are influential within the education and library communities. For fifty years ALIA Schools has supported its members to make a positive difference to student learning outcomes.  This support has also ensured that teacher librarians and school library staff are effective professionals.  
Read the timeline and view the pdf.


One of the ways that ALIA has supported its members and the school librarianship profession has been by the provision of resources. These resources have enabled the school library staff and teacher librarians to be effective in supporting all members of the school community to be lifelong learners.
To access the list of publications, click here.


Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
The Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leaders [AITSL] has developed Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. In 2013, ALIA Schools prepared a document that would identify for teacher librarians, in both primary and secondary schools, how their practice could meet the Standards. Three of the career stages have been highlighted and the document titled: Teacher Librarian Practice for the Australian Professional Standardsis now available.

Illustrations of Practice

Illustrations of Practice are resources that show what teacher practice can look like in a range of contexts to help teachers identify themselves within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. They are impressions of quality teacher practice within a particular career stage of the Standards. Films were prepared by ALIA Schools to specifically help teacher librarians as they identify where their practice lies in the highly accomplished career stage. The films cover both a primary and secondary schools. 

To easily access the films visit:


2023 Professional Learning topics include:


  • Term 1: Supporting Wellbeing
  • Term 2: Australian Children's Laureate (Gabrielle Wang)
  • Term 3: Surveys and Data analysis
  • Term 4: Skilling and microcredentialling


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NSW  - June full day seminar - TBA

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ALIA Schools Committee

Convenor: Anne Girolami (FALIA)

Executive: Susanne Graetsch and Karen Marston

Members: Anna Apfelstedt, Michelle Feely, Catherine Ryan, Sandra Ryan and Sharon Roth

School Library Advisory Committee

Chair: Anne Girolami (FALIA)

Members: Anna Apfelstedt (ALIA School rep), Catherine Barnes, Penny Davis, Linda Guthrie, David Morris, Anne Plowman, Dr Helen Weston and Mary Caroll (ALIA Board Representative)