Nicole Johnston*

Associate University Librarian - Digital Literacy and Library Experience, Edith Cowan University

*Nicole is a candidate for General Director

What motivated you to seek election as an ALIA Director?

I feel it’s important to give back to the Library community and ALIA, which have been supportive to me throughout my career and enabled me to develop my own skills and knowledge, conduct research and progress my career to a leadership role. I can now in turn contribute this expertise to the ALIA board, it’s members and ALIA committees and programs. I also want to contribute to the continued growth and success of our profession and ensure Libraries continue to be valued by our organisations, communities, and governments.

What skills and experience would you bring to the Board?

I bring a varied and extensive set of skills to the board that includes experience as a lecturer, librarian, manager and researcher. My research has focused on information, media and digital literacy and I have extensive experience in conducting user experience studies. I have experience managing large projects, coordinating events, running meetings, managing teams and collaborating with colleagues across all Library sectors. I have contributed knowledge to the profession through presentations at conferences, development and delivery of professional development activities and through publication of numerous journal articles.

What are the three most important issues currently facing ALIA or the LIS workforce?
  1. Artificial intelligence, fake news and misinformation and their impact on information literacy.
  2. Sustaining and supporting a workforce that is diverse, valued, skilled and knowledgeable across a broad range of roles within the profession.
  3. Maintaining high levels of support and high quality resources for our communities in light of shrinking budgets for collections and staff.