Statement on preservation: the permanence and durability of information products

Libraries and information services have a fundamental concern in the preservation of information contained in the published and documentary record in order to ensure enduring access. The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is committed to the preservation of the published and documentary record in all formats, and to providing enduring access to information.Its commitment is implemented by fostering and supporting collaboration among libraries and information services to ensure the preservation of, and access to, these records. ALIA supports new applications of technology following extensive testing which offer opportunities and tools for meeting the preservation obligation.

The Association fosters preservation activities in the following areas:

Education and training

Education and training in preservation needs to be broad-based, ranging from addressing, for example, basic conservation skills to promoting preservation awareness among public policy-makers. The Association supports education and training activities related to preservation.


Preservation professionals have learned the value of research in the development of standards of practice and specifications: permanent paper is one example. The Association encourages research in areas related to preservation, and it particularly encourages research into preservation as it relates to new technological developments.

Formulation of standards, specifications and benchmarks

The need for authoritative standards, specifications and benchmarks is an essential step towards improving preservation practice. The Association supports the development of such authoritative standards, specifications and benchmarks in the field of preservation, and encourages compliance with these standards, specifications and benchmarks.


The Association plays an advocacy role by promoting preservation and access concerns among diverse constituencies. ALIA actively fosters partnerships with allied national and international associations.

National preservation planning

The Association encourages the development and implementation of national preservation programmes.

Preservation of digital information

Preserving the intellectual and cultural heritage is the unarguable responsibility of librarians and information professionals, regardless of the form in which information is found. The Association supports new applications of technology, and new technology, which offer opportunities and tools for meeting the preservation obligation.

Amended 2009