ALIA’s role in research

Statement on ALIA's role in research

ALIA objects addressed

To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies.

To ensure the high standard of personnel engaged in information provision and foster their professional interests and aspirations.


ALIA is committed to promoting and encouraging a research culture and research practice amongst library and information professionals in order to improve theory and practice.


ALIA believes that:

  1. professional participation in rigorous and reliable research practice builds on the profession's body of knowledge and leads to the continuation and betterment of the profession;
  2. education for the profession which incorporates research activity encourages the development of a research culture within the profession;
  3. dissemination and publication of library and information studies research should be enabled and encouraged through the Association's conferences, publications, e-documents and other related avenues;
  4. research excellence should be recognised by awards and prizes;
  5. Library and information studies research is enhanced through participation in partnership arrangements amongst practitioners, academics and wider communities and these should be encouraged.

The ALIA goals for fostering research are to provide for:

  1. member services and other mechanisms to encourage and foster research for innovative practice leading to excellence in professional practice;
  2. the formation of partnerships between the Association, educators, researchers and the workplace so that there is a sharing of knowledge for mutual benefit in the conduct of research for innovative practice;
  3. support to practitioners thereby building a research culture and increasing the capacity of the field for research which informs professional practice;
  4. research activities in LIS that are scholarly, scientific and rigorous in their nature and of value to Australia.

Amended 2015