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On 28 May 2020, AGLIN held an online panel discussion: Government Libraries in unprecedented times. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event.

Top Tips from AGLIN members:
Helen Macpherson : One of my top tips is continuing to network with the other Qld Government Science Libraries so we are supporting each other socially and professionally through this period.
Caroline Bujaroski : We have changed the way we produce our Current Awareness Alerts. We now utilise SharePoint and add items as we come across them. this has led to increased efficiency for us, and also our customers receive information a lot faster. We have received great feedback as well.
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The Australian Government Library and Information Network (AGLIN) has been representing and supporting the interests of its members in the delivery of information services to Australian Government organisations for many years. It describes itself as "an independent association of Australian Government public sector information services, not endorsed or funded by the Australian Government." In 2018, AGLIN ceased to be its own incorporated body and became an ALIA Group, building on our shared goals for government and special libraries. The official handover took place at the ALIA AGM 20 May 2019, with Morgan Wilson for AGLIN (left), outgoing ALIA President Lyndall Ley and incoming President Robert Knight.


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Hallam, G. (2017). Commonwealth government agency libraries review: Stage 2 report. Consultation with senior executives and policy managers in government agencies. Canberra: Australian Government Library Information Network (AGLIN).

Hallam, G. (2016). Commonwealth government agency libraries review: Research reportCanberra: Australian Government Library Information Network (AGLIN).


AGLIN was established as FLIN (Federal Libraries Information Network) in May 1993, after some 20 years of discussions and submissions to government on the need for a coordinating body for government special libraries. (The name change to AGLIN occurred in 2003 to reflect contemporary government terminology). Such a body, it was thought would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of library and information service to government, through representation, professional development and training, consortium arrangements and collaborative purchasing, as well as partnerships with ALIA and the National Library of Australia. AGLIN's member libraries ranged in size from larger bodies such as the Department of Defence and CSIRO, to smaller agencies such as the Australian Electoral Commission. 

AGLIN was an incorporated body with its own Constitution. The Executive was drawn from the general membership and elected at the Annual General Meeting. Apart from these members, the committee also included an invited representative from the National Library. AGLIN held regular annual one-day conferences, created useful policies, including its Core principles for Members (adopted July 2010), sponsored an Aurora Scholarship for several years, and commissioned a  Commonwealth Government Agency Libraries Review in 2017. It also appointed a representative to the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, and continues to do so. 


AGLIN membership is open to all current ALIA members.

A new AGLIN elist hosted by ALIA has been created. Please subscribe to the AGLIN elist to keep up to date with AGLIN events and activities. 

As a subscriber, you can post to the list by emailing this address with your post: [email protected]. You can leave the list by emailing this address with a blank email: [email protected]. If you leave and want to re-join or have a colleague that needs to join the list they can subscribe by sending a blank email to this address: [email protected].


PD Scheme

The ALIA PD Scheme is available to all members of ALIA to continue expanding their professional development and training.

A Government Specialisation covering nine core competencies of Government library staff working in the unique government library environment is available.

Further details are available HERE.

Past PD and Events

Government Libraries in Unprecedented Times 

Online seminar, 28 May 2020


AGLIN is gathering guidelines, policies and standards developed by individual institutions, to be de-identified and shared as useful resources for members. For example:


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