2015 Campaigns



We launched FAIR to campaign for a fair, open and democratic society where information belongs to everyone. FAIR stands for Freedom of Access to Information and Resources. Read the media release.

Library Lovers' Day was celebrated this year with our successful social media campaign and very popular Library Lover Keepcups. 

ALIA strongly opposed reported suggestions from the ABS to reduce the regularity and sample size of the census.


FAIR supporters campaigned against proposed budget cuts to the State Library of Western Australia

In November 2013, ALIA speculated that library print and ebook collections would establish a 50:50 equilibrium by 2020. This prediction has been wound back to around 20 – 30% ebooks. Read more in this fact sheet.

ALIA, along with other organisations, supported the UN Special Report on Copyright Policy. Read the statement from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

FAIR supporters raised funds for the school libraries of Vanuatu which were destroyed by Cyclone Pam which hit the archipelago nation on March 13.


ALIA supported CAUL in providing advice to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) about provision of library and information services to higher education students. The resulting guidance note is now available for consultation.

We published the results of our latest ebooks and elending public library survey.


School library associations from around Australia met in Canberra on Saturday 2 May 2015 at ALIA House for the School Library Sumit.

The library world celebrated Library and Information Week (LIW) on 25 – 31 May. Read about the highlights of the week.During LIW, National Simultaneous Storytime attracted more than 525,000 participants in more than 3,010 locations. Read the media coverage about Australia’s favorite library books and the highlights of the day.

We wrote an opinion editorial about the important role of teacher librarians in the school community.

Copyright advisor to the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, Trish Hepworth and ALIA CEO, Sue McKerracher, gave evidence to the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee on the Commonwealth's Treaty Making Process. They called on the Federal Government to consider libraries as a stakeholder when negotiating international treaties.

ALIA produced a summary for the LIS sector of the impact of the Federal Budget on the sector.

ALIA promoted the Australian Government's Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).


ALIA and public libraries across Australia supported the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) by promoting the shortlist and the winning titles through library displays and social media, and by hosting author visits. This is an important part of the work libraries do in supporting the Australian book industry.

ALIA, the Australian Society of Archivists, National and State Libraries Australasia and Museums Australia expressed deep concern about news that the US company handling the digitisation of Fairfax Media photo archives has gone into receivership. Fairfax's response can be read here.

APLA published a report highlighting its achievements from 2010 – 2015. APLA plays a vital role enabling support and advocacy for public libraries, championing national and local projects.

ALIA attended the first ever roundtable on international education which brought together education and business experts, students and communities to advise Government Ministers on the future of Australia’s largest services export.


Landmark legislation for the National Library of AustraliaThe Civil Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 passed through the House of Representatives. The bill extends legal deposit of published materials to electronic resources.

FAIR launched Cooking for Copyright which sought the same copyright term on unpublished works as published works. In Australia, while copyright is limited to 70 years after the death of the creator for published works, for unpublished works copyright lasts forever.


FAIR’s campaign Cooking for Copyright received significant media coverage and led to meetings with Australian Federal Ministers and MPs to discuss copyright law reform. Read the report on the campaign.


ALIA has been included in the Australian Digital Inclusion Index Advisory Group. The project is a three-year initiative to develop and implement a digital inclusion measurement tool (Index) that will help inform and promote public policy and program responses to enhance digital inclusion in Australia.

ALIA accepted a place at the table on the Book Council, along with other representatives, to ensure that Australia’s literary sector and its writers are strongly supported. The Book Council was announced by the Prime Minister in 2014. The Council is a representative and advisory body for the Minister of the Arts, Senator George Brandis, on strategies to raise and strengthen the profile of Australian writing.


Great School Libraries campaign to recognise teacher librarians, school library professionals and school libraries which provide import services to the school community.  FAIR (Freedom of Access to Information and Resources) has joined with The Australian Library and Information Association, ALIA Schools, Australian School Library Association, Queensland School Library Association, School Library Association of NSW, School Library Association of South Australia, School Library Association of Victoria and the Western Australian School Library Association to seek out these inspirational places of learning and discovery.


Almost 400 nominations have been received for the Great School Libraries campaign. 


By the closing date of the Great School Libraries campaign, almost 600 nominations had been received. 

Just before the end of the year, the Federal Government recognised that Australian copyright laws need to change. The Department of Communications and the Arts released for public comment proposed changes designed to modernise and improve to our copyright laws. ALIA welcomed the move which addresses the LIS sector's concerns about the current Copyright Act which is complex and based on old technologies. The expores draft on the laws followed the FAIR campaign - Cooking for Copyright. Read ALIA's media release