10 things you never knew you could find in a library


Step inside or visit library websites and we know that everyone will be surprised and perhaps a little amazed at what they can find in the library's collections.

Our libraries have a lot offer as well as books and reference materials. Think about ebooks, meeting rooms, magazines, music and DVDS, software, tools, historic documents  and more.

In February,  we'll be starting a nationwide search all those incredible things you can find in your library collection and we want your help with the hunt.

How are we searching?

We know that ALIA Members have an encyclopaedic or (should we say wikipedic) knowledge of their libraries.

We are hoping that you will help us search for the treasures, the wonderful and the useful.

We want you to help us inform Australians about the fantastic things that can be found in libraries.

How can you help with the search?

ALIA will be launching a campaign to search for the library treasures on Wednesday 10 February in ALIA Weekly and on social media , just in time for Library Lovers' Day on Sunday 14 February.  

We will be asking you to send us an email with the short description of the #FabulousFinds and to attach a photo/s. The more specific, the better!

Using the hashtag, #FabulousFinds, means that we can all join in together and share the conversation.

We've built a picture gallery of all the #FabulousFinds and we're sharing this exciting search on social media.

What happens next?

On Monday 23 May, the first day of Library and Information Week, we will distil all of the #FabulousFinds into a list and issue a media release about 'the 10 things you never knew you could find in a library'.

So let's get busy and let's show Australia the undiscovered, the beautiful and the wonderful things that you never knew you find in a library collection.